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You begin with the possibilities of material—Robert Rauschenberg

Andy Warhol painted Brillo Box in 1964. Everything in Modern Art changed completely once again. The project you are viewing is called “ After Brillo”.
I’m mesmerized by grocery stores and colorful packaging materials.
In this project, I’m combining Pop Art & Neo Dada. I create small sculptures from re-cycled packaging materials, food and found objects. This project is a marriage between Warhol & Duchamp.
Art works are made entirely with pre-existent materials. My contribution is in making links, putting them together and taking photographs.
Familiar objects are transformed into unexpected strange but simple forms. They are surrealistic juxtapositions of objects. Reality is altered. They are no longer ordinary things.
Even though photographs are still life but they are not in traditional ways. They are flat and colorful. There are Matisse-like pattern-overlapping and deliberate shadows.  Horizon level is eliminated. Point of view is slightly above and slanted that gives viewer the feeling of cubist composition.
With After Brillo, I’m exploring new visual language of art and perception of reality. At the end, I’m searching for the relationship between fine art and mass culture

My Forgotten Birthday
NYC Skyscrapers
Bite Size
self portrait
Fish Belly
Fashion Model
Wind Mills
Yayoi Kusama was here
Souvenir with Roy Lichtenstein’s dot
Hey! It is not what you think!
Skinny Dipping
My New Vase
Cristo did my Holiday wrapping
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