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“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”–Albert Einstein

Is technology changing us? Is the future promising us more or less?
All these remain to be seen and highly debated.
We are surrounded by constantly evolving technology, overwhelming data and endless surveillance.
We eat, sleep, wake up, diet, exercise and even find love via smart phones, cameras and tablets.
Year after year, the Human race is changing. Men look more like women. Women look more like men.
They are becoming hybrids.
Sexual orientation, race and age don’t matter anymore.

In this futuristic portrait series, I mix inside pieces of gadgets (such as iPhone, digital camera, remotes), wires, hardware and found photographs in magazines.
They are 3D collages, but the final works are photographs. Unlike any cut & paste collages, they are not glued, but temporary.
Ears, eyes and lips are leveled higher than other parts of the face in most cases.
There are extreme layering, crumpling effects and deep shadows to create a sculptural look.

This project explores the relationships between how we live and how we look in the future.
I want to challenge the viewers by evoking feelings of surprise, discomfort & hallucination.
These portraits are my obsessions with appearance  and technology but also concerned with notions of future.
These might be my fantasies or might be my speculations.
You will be the judge of this….


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