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“The past is not dead.  It’s not even past.”—William Faulkner
I was a flamboyant kid while I was growing up. Maybe I still am … .
I got bullied a lot.  I didn’t even know what bullying meant.  I assumed it was the way it was supposed to be… .  I thought I was weird and this was going to be rest of my life.
To lessen the burden, I was obsessed with comics.  I would read superman, phantom, wonder woman and watch the Flintstones, and Jetsons for hours and hours.  I loved them!!!!  They were my family. They would never bully or judge me.  But after I grew up,  I forgot about all these characters!
Years after, I moved to USA, and I went to a 2nd language school to learn English. The most fun homework was “Fill the Blanks” for me.
For this project, I mash my child memories and “Fill the blanks”.
I remove the details of comics and re-arrange them in very abstract ways just like they are in my memories. There is extreme ambiguity in this project.  Nothing is settled.  Pieces are hanging in the air. They are not grounded. Images create hallucinatory feelings.  By removing the details of the comics, our brains will fill the blanks and challenge our deep memories.
This project helps me to come to terms with my difficult childhood and past.  In a strange way, the images are therapeutic still lives.

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